Ron Rowley



It was an amazing night in August of 1989, at a Super Kids Church Camp, that I gave my life to Christ. From that fateful evening at the altar, I dedicated my life to serve Jesus Christ and further the Kingdom of God. I was very fortunate to have a strong support network growing up. My parents were consistent in their approach to teach biblical principles and keep me involved in church.

Through my years in high school, I became increasingly successful in academics and sports. I have always been a grounded individual, and was quick to give credit to Jesus Christ for whatever level of success I was able to attain in the classroom and in sports. God opened many doors and provided a path, through academics and athletics, for me to attend college.

While in college, I felt a magnetic pull on my life to strengthen my walk with Christ. Playing both football and baseball at the collegiate level was a tough task, but I felt like my witness and testimony was the one thing that my teammates needed to see and hear. Many of my teammates referred to me as Reverend Ron, as I would invite them to attend church with me whenever possible.

Through my college years, I had been in constant prayer that God would place a woman in my life to complete and strengthen my life. Unbeknownst to me, God was directing my path. On June 5, 1999, I felt drawn to bail hay for a farmer, and while bailing hay, I met Trisha, my future wife. She accepted my proposal, we were married in October 2000, and my life has not been the same since…literally! We have three beautiful children: Ronnie, Cole, and Reagan. God never stops moving in our lives if we open our hearts and minds to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

In February, my longtime friend Pastor Matthew dropped a bomb of a question on me…“Would you consider a career change?” My first impression was, “I will listen, because I value Matthew’s opinion.” Honestly, I was confident that God had me right where He wanted me. After a few casual conversations, I was still wrestling with God over this decision. I made a list of pro’s and con’s. The pro’s list was lengthy and the con’s list was very, very short. God was gracious and placed many signs right in front of me! My prayer was that of Solomon’s in 1 Kings 3:6-15, specifically, 1 Kings 3:9 (NIV).So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong. For who is able to govern this great people of yours?”

I was praying for a discerning heart, for guidance in this life-changing decision. God’s signs were amazingly clear to me, yet I questioned His plan. God was patient with me, and continued to show me His path for my life.

I enjoy physical labor and get great satisfaction from a hard day’s work, so when the sun sets and I stop moving, I am asleep. Thankfully, I do not suffer from problems with insomnia. However, during this decision, the Lord was constantly stirring my heart and mind to the point of sleepless nights. Isn’t it amazing that the God who spoke creation into existence, still speaks to His people? After sleepless nights, I got on my knees and made a pact with God. My prayer went something like this… “I will interview with LCC, and if offered the position, I will accept the offer and change careers…NO more questions.” Once I got out of God’s way and let Him direct my life, the tension I had created in my own heart and mind was gone.

My Hope For Lancaster Community Church

I am humbled to serve God and serve Lancaster Community Church as both an elder and as Operations Pastor. My hope and prayer for all of you at LCC is to remain open and attentive to the call of God. I challenge you to live your lives for Christ. Keep in mind that God does not call the qualified…He qualifies the called! Go and be a light in your world!