Phil Krouse


I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and taught about God from a very early age. It was as a child that I prayed to commit my life to following Jesus as I knelt beside my green and blue covered bed. Though I didn’t think of it as anything special at the time, I can’t remember thinking that Bible Club, VBS or my church’s Wednesday night programs were boring. I loved listening to Bible stories and hearing about brave missionaries who followed God at any cost. Those early years solidified in my heart a calling to live a life of serving God and others.

It wasn’t long after graduating from high school that I proposed to my childhood crush and lifelong love, Natalie. In September of 2002, we were married in the small church we both grew up in. That same small town of Circleville is where we now call home, and it is where we feel blessed to raise our two boys.

After being presented the opportunity to work as an intern for 9 months, I joined LCC’s Media Department as a full-time assistant and have loved every minute of it!

My Hope For Lancaster Community Church

My hope for LCC is that we would be a people who see and worship God as He truly is and not a distorted version of God that we may carry from the past. I pray that we would continue to welcome authenticity, causing people to feel free to completely be themselves,  because we embrace all kinds of different people with all kinds of different backgrounds.