Danielle Disbennett


As a child, I knew that there was a God and I believed in Him. However, I was not raised in a home where regular church attendance, praying, or even talking about Jesus was a priority. Fortunately, there were Bibles in our house, and I was curious about God at a young age. I would often grab a Bible and read. I still remember the peace I felt when I read. I was longing for something more. Through reading, I became familiar with creation and incredible Bible stories, but I still didn’t understand what a genuine relationship with Christ was.


I met my future husband, Josh, when I was a junior in high school. I pursued him and knew that he was my future, my forever. After dating for six years, we married in October of 2008. After five years of marriage, Josh and I experienced some major difficulties. In my heart, I knew there had to be more for our life together. I began to search for answers. I told Josh that I wanted to start going to church. Through recommendations on Facebook, we found and decided to try LCC. It was our first and last stop on our church-finding adventure. We INSTANTLY fell in love with LCC! Fast forward seven years, and I am so amazed at my spiritual growth and the difference God has made in my family.


LCC saved me. I not only learned how to have an incredible relationship with God, I learned that I’m not alone on this journey! I am forever grateful for this church, and God’s perfect timing. I am so blessed and excited to be joining the LCC staff, and look forward to helping others strengthen their relationship with Christ.

My hope for Lancaster Community Church

My hope for LCC is that we would be a church that welcomes the broken with open arms, and continues to introduce people to the life-changing love of our Savior. As a parent, I want LCC to be a place where my children can learn about God’s love in a way that connects to them and makes them excited to come to church.