Chris Reed



My first really memorable experiences with God came from a big, white, Family Bible.  I used to sit and study over the bright pictures in the middle of that Bible for what seemed like hours (I don’t think it really was…but it felt that way to a kid).  I was always intrigued by the One who stood beaten and bloodied before Pilate–the One who hung on a cross between two criminals.  My parents took me to church almost every Sunday, I heard all the stories and even from a very early age something struck a chord in my heart when it came to God.  I never understood completely what it was (I know now that it was the Holy Spirit), and as I got older, that chord rang quieter and quieter beneath the noise of an American teenage lifestyle.

But my senior year of high school, while at an Acquire the Fire Conference, God played those chords again and this time with definition and understanding.  I began to see Christ for who He was and for what He had done for me.  And it has been a journey of amazing grace ever since.  That same weekend I felt the urge to go into ministry.  While processing this, I was trying to figure out the college I was going to and decided to go to Malone College (now University), and pursue a degree in ministry.  Four years later I walked out of college with a bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology and a fiancé.  A few months later I married the love of my life, Cassie, and moved to the Lancaster area.

God continues to grow my faith in Him through my role as a husband, a father of three, a director of a ministry and a Pastor.  And I know He will never stop!

My Hope For Lancaster Community Church

My hope for LCC is that we grow in our love and trust of Christ more and more every day; that people will be pointed to Christ with each contact they have with LCC; and that because of us, they would understand the depth of Christ’s love for them.