Pillars Of Ministry

1. Connected

We are designed to be connected in relationships and specifically the relationships within the body of Christ.  We want people to get connected on as many levels as possible.


2. Saved

We want people to be saved from their sin by repentance and belief in Jesus Christ.


3. Set Free

Everyone has issues in their lives that they need to be released from.  It can range from addictions to ways of thinking to physical healing.  We want people to be set free from whatever is holding them back from experiencing the fullness of who God is in their lives.


4. Filled

God’s plan of restoration for every believer is being filled with the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the one that will enable us to live out the calling that God has placed on our lives.


5. Worshiping

We are born worshipers, but we have to choose to worship God.  Worshiping God properly aligns the priorities of our lives by placing Him at the top.


6. Equipped

It is the calling of the church to equip the saints for the ministry.  We want everyone to have the necessary tools to accomplish the ministry they are called to.


7. Empowered

After a believer is equipped, he or she must be empowered to do the ministry.  Empowering happens when you receive Jesus, the Holy Spirit and godly authority.


8. Serving

It is the calling of every believer to be a servant.  We want everyone to discover the place that God is calling them to serve because we believe they will find fulfillment and important relationships in those ministries.


9. Giving

God has modeled generosity in His giving to us and we believe every believer should not only give but be generous.  As a church, we too want to be generous to other ministries around the world.


10. Bible

We want our people to be devoted to Bible in devotions, study and self-feeding.


11. Praying

Prayer connects us to God in deep relationship.  It is both a necessity and a privilege.


12. Evangelistic

The role of every Christian is to be the light and salt.  We must take that which the Lord has given us to the world.