Mike Landrum



I became a Christian about 20 years ago. I grew up in a hard-working, farm environment tempered by a Scottish heritage that had my grandfather as our family leader and mentor. I can’t remember not working. As a small boy, my grandfather would modify tools to accommodate my adolescent stature. He taught me I could do anything if I wanted it bad enough. That, coupled with strong family interaction and bond, allowed me to grow up in a stable, loving environment. However, even though God was real in our upbringing, He was not in the center of our lives where He should have been. Through my teenage years, I witnessed the decline of our family unit, yet watched the men of our family remain successful through the work ethic they had been taught. Work had become their god.  I too embraced hard work as success and in a very short time found myself traveling throughout the United States doing large jobs and consulting on others. At age 30, I realized that work no longer filled the void in my life. Hobbies, friends and things could no longer satisfy me. It wasn’t until I lost my aunt to cancer that God plucked my heart strings for the first time. In a eulogy that she had written in her last days, I heard “Grace is Sufficient” and “My Bags Are Packed”.  It puzzled me. Just a few months prior to that I had lost my grandfather and hero and decided that there had to be more. The next 5 years or so found me searching for what more was. All the time God knew just what He was doing. He placed people and answers in my life that worked like bread crumbs for a bird leading me right to the foot of the cross.  The void suddenly filled and I allowed the gifts that God had provided me with and had honed my entire life to be used to glorify Him instead of me. I am a work in progress for sure but I see now he has been molding me long before I even considered Him.

I am blessed to be the Husband of a devoted wife and the father of 2 sons and 2 stepdaughters, next to my relationship with Christ, they are my prized possession.

My Hope for Lancaster Community Church:

That we will continue to disciple God’s people in Christ’s ways, keeping Him in the center of all that we do, to help them form a foundation that can withstand the storms that this world creates, ultimately bringing glory to God.


2 Cor. 12:9 – And he said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee:

for my strength is made perfect in weakness.