Message Media


We love offering you many options for you to listen and share the messages here at LCC.  As technology changes and offers us more affordable and convenient options to do this we have to look at which technologies we will use and which we will phase out.  With the addition of an app this year we now offer many ways for you to access the message online for free.  With the cost to maintain and replace equipment of a quickly dating technology we have decided that beginning Sunday, January 5, we will no longer be printing CD and DVD’s of our services.  LCC Media will provide ample tools and help as we make this transition.  We will also offer links to tutorials on topics such as how to burn your own CD of the message at home.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us emailing

For step by step instructions on how to subscribe to our podcast (audio of LCC’s Sunday morning messages) through iTunes, please click HERE.

To learn how you can burn your podcast message to a CD, please click HERE.