LCC Children’s Ministry


When I became Children’s Pastor at LCC, I wanted our ministries to be different.  As a child I sat through many Sunday School Classes and attended lots of Children’s Church events.  I remember enjoying them when I was there but viewing them as a completely separate thing from my real life.  There was church and there was my life.  I knew Bible Stories but I didn’t know that God was with me when I wasn’t in a church basement.  I thought there was church fun and then real fun!  No offense to any of the wonderful ladies who taught me as a child, they were wonderful servants and I learned a lot from them.  However, I want to impact the everyday lives of children and cause homes to change.  We keep this in mind in every strategy for LCC Children’s Ministry.

When kid’s come to our programs, we want them to leave talking about how much fun they had–not for the sake of fun but for the purpose of knowing that their Creator cares about their joy!  Our goal is to stir your child’s mind and heart so much that they ask you questions about Jesus – everyday!  We want to get them thinking about their choices and understanding every one they make should include a conversation with Jesus and should follow along with His attitude and His heart for others.  We want you to notice a difference in your child that you can celebrate and then help to further them on to a deeper relationship with God.  I want you to be shocked when your child does something without asking then announces it was because they want to have an attitude like Jesus.  My head fills with dreams of homes where LCC kids are questioning ungodly attitudes and recommending seeking prayer to others in their homes.  We know the way to make all this a reality is through PURPOSED fun.

We still do some of the old school stuff like snacks and craft-times.  However, we train our teachers to make those times both fun and full of life lessons.  What better way to teach a child how Jesus wants them to treat his friends than when they are learning to share supplies or waiting in line to get their favorite cookie.  I love every minute of our time with the kids and want it to count in their lives.

As a pastor, I encourage you to put your child in as many of our programs as possible.  Also, I urge you to not let the Spiritual learning stop when you leave LCC.  Live a life that they not only respect but also want to imitate.  Share your love for Jesus with them and let them see you bringing Him into every part of your world.  Remember, you are not alone.  We want to be a part of the process.

My door (and email account) are always open.  Let me help you when you’re struggling with your kids’ behaviors.  Let me encourage you when you’re tired and don’t have the right words.  Let me help you laugh when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope.  Most of all, let me assure you that God is FOR your family, and He wants to be the main part of everything you do together.   What a wonderful thought!

Be blessed,

Phil Venrick, Pastor And Director Of LCC Children’s Ministry