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From Nothing to Everything

When we follow Mary’s pattern, we are living out the gospel. We have nothing, we give all we have, God multiplies it and we gain it all.

The Mysterious Ways and Timing of God

Hebrews 12:1-11 states that we are to endure hardships as discipline. Discipline is not just a punishment but a preparation for a task the same way conditioning in sports prepares athletes for the season ahead. God’s ways will always be mysterious.

Introduction to Luke

Luke was a physician and made huge sacrifices to write the book of Luke. He did three major things that can serve as examples for us: He sacrificed, he searched (for the truth) and he proclaimed it.

Love is Stronger Than Fear

Embracing the love of God is the only way to experience life at its fullest.

Becoming a Healthy Church Family

HEALTHY church growth happens on a step-by-step progression. With each step you take, you must develop the necessary systems/processes that prepare/qualify you to take the next step. Small groups (Connect Groups) are key to LCC’s next level of growth.

It’s Gonna Take Hard Work

  In the story of Josiah, who restored the kingdom of Israel back to God, we learn that we must not look to the left or right but stay focused through hard work.    

It’s Gonna Take Sacrifice

It takes death to experience life which means laying our lives down as a sacrifice.  We get life when die (take up cross).  The way we are healthy and living is to die to ourselves.

It’s Gonna Take Faith

Each one of us have expectations but when those expectations don’t turn out like we expect, we have to decide how we respond. Many times our response is one of distrust rather than trust. What God wants us to do is to choose to have faith in Him which allows us to trust in times… Read more »

It’s Gonna Take Generosity

  We will only accomplish great things if we are generous. We know Jesus was/is generous and we are supposed to be like Him. So why aren’t we? The reason we aren’t generous at times is of a flawed perspective, fear and selfishness. Jesus had two things about His nature that guaranteed generosity…LOVE and FAITH… Read more »

It’s Gonna Take Ownership

The vision God gives His leaders is the vision for the people. It is not “their vision” but is “our vision.” God calls us to a vision. He designed us to be a perfect match TOGETHER as a church to accomplish that vision. When we own the vision, there is a unity that God blesses… Read more »

The Future of LCC

With a recap of the last year and a look towards the future, Lead Pastor Matthew Johnson shares the vision of LCC.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

We desire wholeness but search for it in all the wrong places. Pastor Chris Reed reminds us that we will only find fulfillment in Jesus in “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear”.

Plumb Line

What standards should we use to guide and build our lives by? Is it our family upbringing? Is it our culture? In this stand-alone message from Lead Pastor Matthew Johnson, we learn a better way to live; by using a covenant with God as our plumb line.

We Won’t Move Without You

Director of Worship Carrie Crawford urges us to make worship a top priority as we seek to encounter the presence of God in 2014, committing that “We won’t move without You.”

Candlelight Service

The 2013 candlelight message featuring the testimonies of some of LCC’s people who answered the call to follow the light.

At Peace, At War

Jesus brings war and peace. Seem like a contradiction? It’s not, as Lead Pastor Matthew Johnson explains in this message.


The conclusion to the Restoring the Ruins series.

Getting Ready for Worship

How should we prepare for worship? Lead Pastor Matthew Johnson teaches how God responds to Israel and through that, we see how we can prepare our hearts to worship God. From the series “Restoring the Ruins”.

How Do We Approach God?

Pastor Matthew leads us through Nehemiah 8 as we look at how Israel approached God after they returned from exile.

Spiritual AND Physical

The sixth message in the Restoring the Ruins series shows us how the spiritual AND physical work hand in hand to accomplish God’s will.

Now Is The Time

The third message in the Restoring the Ruins series illustrates through the Nation of Israel (as detailed in Haggai and Ezra) that there is no better time to obey God than the present.

Mastered By or Free From Money

The conclusion of our Defending The Heart series. Can we give ourselves fully to God without also giving control of our money to God as well?

Fear or Fear of God

The sixth message in the Defending the Heart series asks the question, do we have a healthy fear of God embracing that God is fully LOVE and fully POWER?

Pride or Humility

The fifth message in the Defending the Heart Series “Pride or Humility” takes a look at the devastating effects of pride on our hearts and on our relationships.

Lust or Covenant

The fourth message in the Defending The Heart series, sounds a warning for living counter culture in the fight for our hearts and minds against lust.

Idolatry or Worship

The second message in the “Defending the Heart” series, Pastor Matthew Johnson teaches on the dangers of idolatry.

Striving and Resting

Pastor Chris Reed brings a message of hope, reminding us that we can rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.


Derek Harden shares with us what awaits when we return home to God.

A Voice in the Wilderness

Guest Speaker Pastor Tim Moore brings a message full of hope that reminds us that “often when we want to give up the most, is when God shows up the most”.

Pride Hinders Relationship

Derek Harden brings a powerful message on how pride prevents us from a true connection with God and others.

Protecting Your Relationships

Lead Pastor Matthew Johnson concludes the “Sex… let’s talk about it” series with a message on Protecting Your Relationships.

Biblical Sex In Marriage

Pastor Matthew kicks off a series called Sex and we look at the Biblical idea of sex. While the content is not graphic, there is frank discussion on the concept of sex, please use caution when listening around children.



The second message in the Hot Topics series, Lead Pastor Matthew Johnson talks about how God wants to set us free from any addiction in our lives.

Goodness And Mercy

Have you ever been through a dark time in your life? Did you wonder where God was and if He saw your pain? Lead Pastor Matthew Johnson brings an encouraging message from Psalm 23 with, “Goodness and Mercy.”

My Cup Overflows

LCC’s Director of Men’s Ministry, Derek Harden continues the series on Psalm 23 with “My Cup Overflows”.

You Anoint My Head With Oil

Lead Pastor Matthew Johnson continues our series on Psalm 23 with “You Anoint My Head With Oil”.

He Prepares A Table

Lead Pastor Matthew Johnson both encourages and challenges with a message from the first part of the fifth verse of Psalm 23.


Lead Pastor Matt Johnson picks back up the Psalm 23 series with the second part of verse 4. Teaching how the rod is used both for defense and also for discipline.

Your Staff Comforts Me

Director of Men’s Ministry Derek Harden continues the Psalm 23 series with “Your Staff Comforts”.

Valley Of The Shadow

How do you handle the “valleys” of your life? Lead Pastor Matt Johnson continues the series on Psalm 23 with Valley Of The Shadow.

Paths Of Righteousness

Continuing our Psalm 23 series, Lead Pastor Matt Johnson teaches on the second half of verse three, “He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake”.

Restores My Soul

The fifth message in our Psalm 23 series.

Still Waters

Continuing to build on each verse of Psalm 23, Lead Pastor Matt Johnson teaches that when we are secure that the Lord is our Shepherd it leads to contentment, which leads to rest, which leads us to a place where we can be refreshed (still waters).

Green Pastures

Building off of the first verse of Psalm 23, Lead Pastor Matt Johnson teaches that the place of rest (green pastures) only happens through obedience and the understanding that the Lord is my Shepherd and He has provided all I need.

I Shall Not Want

Lead Pastor Matt Johnson brings the second message in our Psalm 23 series, “I Shall Not Want”.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Lead Pastor Matt Johnson starts off our new series on Psalm 23 with “The Lord Is My Shepherd”.


Lead Pastor Matt Johnson concludes the Vision 12 series with an encouraging message on how we can be Evangelistic.


Combining two pillars of discipleship, Giving and Serving, Matt Johnson continues the Vision 12 series.


As part of the Vision 12 series, one of the pillars of discipleship is being equipped.


As part of the Vision 12 series, Lead Pastor Matt Johnson teaches on being Empowered.

Set Free

Part of the Vision 12 series, Lead Pastor Matt Johnson talks about being Set Free.


Worship is one of the pillars of discipleship in our twelve part series Vision 12.


Part of the Vision 12 Series, Lead Pastor Matt Johnson teaches on studying the Word of God.


Part of the Vision 12 Series, Lead Pastor Matt Johnson brings a message on prayer.


Derek Harden is LCC’s Director of Men’s Ministry. Here he talks about the role love plays in a believers life.


The third message in the Vision 12 Series, Pastor Matt Johnson talks about being filled with the Holy Spirit.


Lead Pastor Matt Johnson talks about the value of being Connected to a local body of believers. This is the second message in the Vision 12 series.


This is the first pillar of discipleship and the first part in our twelve part series Vision 12.

Vision And Values

This is the introduction to the Vision 12 Series and some insight to where LCC is going.

Fruit of an Unholy Spirit

Before we can look at the fruit of the Holy Spirit…we need to understand the fruit that comes from our sin.