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Dealing with Doubt

Pastor Chris Reed preaches on how one can deal with doubt.

Step On It

Pastor Tim Moore from Crossroad.TV preaches this week’s message on faith.

Vision Sunday

Pastor Matthew preaches about the vision of Lancaster Community Church over the next year.  

Seek First- Luke 12:13-34


In this passage, Jesus challenges our perspective and teaches that true wealth is not found in earthly riches. This is the message from 11/15/2015 Pastor Matthew referenced where he taught on the same passage:   This is the 3/20/2016 message:

The Power To Overcome- Luke 12:8-12

Jesus is going to warn us of the threat of giving in to the fear of man and gives us the hope that God will provide in those moments.

Healthy Perspective – Luke 12:4-7

One of the most powerful forces in our lives is our perspective because it eventually impacts our behavior and that in returns sets our lives on a course. In this study we learn the healthiest of perspectives that will lead us to obeying God over every other temptation.

The State of LCC

Pastor Matthew Johnson shares about the vision of the church as he talks about the history of Lancaster Community Church, where we have been in the past year, and where the church is going over the next year.

Our Next Step – Our Change

It is hard for us to invest our “physical” in the “spiritual” as long as we keep looking for “life” in physical things. We think life finds it’s worth in material possessions but it really finds itself ONLY in a relationship with Jesus. When Jesus is first in our priorities, then we can start to… Read more »

Our Next Step- Your Calling: Judges 6-7 & Joshua 7

Pastor Matthew shares how sometimes, when a task is big and the part we play is small, we can feel intimidated by two major emotions and one serious behavior while reminding us that because we play a PART of something big, we lose sight that we play a BIG PART.

Our Next Step – Our Calling:

Jesus surrendered all that was His to become man to win man back. He sacrificed for a greater good. Every generation is called to do the same. We are here as Christians because EVERY generation has had faithful people who sacrificed for the Kingdom of God to continue. We must do the same for our… Read more »

Return to Me Malachi 3:6-12

Tithing is really a relational desire of God. In Malachi 3, God’s command is for the people to “return to me” by once again trusting Him with their tithes. The people had “left” God by no longer being obedient in giving which meant that they were relationally disconnected. God’s desire was a return to a… Read more »

The Posture and Practice of a Steward

When we are a steward instead of an owner, we are called to both a posture and a practice The posture is contentment. The practice we must put into use is giving first. When we give to God first, it makes Him the priority and also increases our faith.

Owner or Steward?

Before you can understand any of the teachings from the Bible about money, you must first embrace a proper perspective concerning your resources. From the very beginning of God’s relationship with His people, He has taught them that 100% of what they have is His and they are simply stewards of it. When you own… Read more »

Studying God’s Word

  For for more tools to help you study the bible, please visit: