Bible Resource List

BIBLE STUDYBelow is a list of Bible Study Tools that I mentioned I would post.   Some are books to be purchased, some are free resources online.

I pray they help you in your search for truth and an understanding of the Gospel.

Pastor Chris




Bible Dictionaries

Dictionary of Paul and His Letters

The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Bible Hub- Free Online

Bible Study Tools-Free Online

Bible Gateway-Free Online



KJV- Strong’s Concordance

ESV Comprehensive Concordance


Bible Hub-Free Online

Bible Study Tools-Free Online (This is Strong’s Concordance and if you use the NASB it will be very similar to the ESV)

Bible Gateway-Free Online (their search functions as a concordance)



New Bible Commentary

Holman Concise Commentary

Matthew Henry’s Commentary- Offered Free at the below resources (make sure you look for the updated language version…it will get very hard to read if you choose the original version)

ESV Study Bible

Bible Hub-Free Online

Bible Study Tools-Free Online

Bible Gateway-Free Online


Bible Study Software

Logos – This is the premiere Bible Study software that I know of. This is what we use as pastors here at the church. It is also very expensive.

Bible Hub- Free Online

Bible Study Tools-Free Online

Bible Gateway-Free Online

Blue Letter Bible-Free Online


Learning To Study Scripture

Grasping God’s Word– This is one of the best text books on how to study scripture. It has shaped much of what I teach in the BIBLE:ONE and BIBLE:BASICS class.

How To Read The Bible For All It’s Worth

The Village Church Bible Study Tool –Free Online

A Guide To Good Bible Reading – Free Online

Biblical Training– I haven’t spent much time with this resource, but it looks amazing. It is a free online class that you can customize and make work for you. So imagine your own customizable college class on how to read the Bible. It also couples with an iOS and Android App)


Sermon Podcasts

The Village Church-Pastor Matt Chandler

Redeemer Presbyterian Church- Pastor Tim Keller

North Point Community Church- Pastor Andy Stanley

Gateway Church- Pastor Robert Morris


iTunesU Classes (These are classes that are college & seminary level classes that are mostly offered for free through iTunesU. Some of the resources that go along with the class may cost you but the lectures and material are generally free)

Bible Study Methods & Hermeneutics-Dallas Theological Seminary