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Vision Sunday

Pastor Matthew preaches about the vision of Lancaster Community Church over the next year.  

Seek First- Luke 12:13-34


In this passage, Jesus challenges our perspective and teaches that true wealth is not found in earthly riches. This is the message from 11/15/2015 Pastor Matthew referenced where he taught on the same passage:   This is the 3/20/2016 message:

Healthy Perspective – Luke 12:4-7

One of the most powerful forces in our lives is our perspective because it eventually impacts our behavior and that in returns sets our lives on a course. In this study we learn the healthiest of perspectives that will lead us to obeying God over every other temptation.

The State of LCC

Pastor Matthew Johnson shares about the vision of the church as he talks about the history of Lancaster Community Church, where we have been in the past year, and where the church is going over the next year.