Kenny Burcham

As the Christmas season approaches, I am doing a lot of Christmas shopping. Let me just say, I am an Amazon addict. If I can avoid the lines and going to a mall to buy a gift, I will. Amazon makes it so easy to order what I need, when I need it. If I want something on Amazon, I can have it in two days. It is a luxury that I take for granted. I love having that at my fingertips.

You know what I can’t find on Amazon? Peace. I can’t just order peace and get it in two days. Peace is not something that I can find anywhere but from the source of peace. Jesus is the source of peace. The following verse is awesome because it puts it in perspective.

The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.

Psalm 29:11

Where do you look for peace? What things are you trying to fill in the place of God’s peace? If you are trying to find peace anywhere but in God, then you will always be let down. You will always come up short.

This Christmas season, remember when things get crazy that peace comes from God. Take the time you need to go to God and find peace from the source. Don’t run to things that won’t last. Don’t run to things that will leave you wanting more. Pray that God will sustain you with his peace.