Phil Krouse


The concept of hope may not mean much to you. Maybe you just don’t think about it often. We don’t really talk about hope very much. I think most people take for granted that they have hope, if they realize they have it at all. Having fought a lifelong battle with depression, I have a different perspective.


Years ago, when I was trying to understand why my depression felt so much more than just feeling down or blue, I realized that I was filled with a sense of hopelessness. Everyone has bad days when they might feel down, but I felt the difficult things in my life would never change, would never get better. I was convinced that my life would always feel heavy. And I also was convinced that bearing the load of my life was just my cross to bear.


As Christians, we know that we have the hope of eternal life, but even that hope was not enough to help me deal with the daily battles in my life. I knew that when I died, I would go to heaven, but that only increased my desire to kill myself. I wanted to get to heaven as fast as I could! The place of no hope is a dark, lonely place.


I’ve often said that my wife saved my life, and she really did because she gave me hope. There was a point in my life when the only reason I wanted to live was because I dreamed of building a life and a family with her. Picturing a life with her gave me hope for happiness with my best friend. And then with the birth of our sons, more than just a child was born…even more hope was born as I realized two little lives depended on me.


As wonderful as it is to have a family to love, hope in people can only go so far. Eventually, the shine wears off, and then you realize that people are resilient and life would go on without you. When I started to realize that God brings dead things to life, that is when hope actually became real to me. Not just a once-in-a-salvation experience, back-to-life kind of thing, but in a daily renewal kind of way. Dead relationships can be brought back to life, stolen innocence can be restored, and things you’ve given up on, can be returned to even more than their former glory.


Jesus brings hope to anything you are facing in this life, and the ultimate hope of an eternity with Him in the next.



And he who was seated on the throne said, Behold, I am making all things new….”

Revelation 21:5