Phil Krouse

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Holy Spirit and His power in my life. He is the key to having victory in areas of my life that I have struggled with for years. He has ministered to me so much in the last few years that I’ve gone from sensing His presence from time to time, to not being able to imagine my life without His constant help.

And even though I’ve grown to depend on Him and trust Him on a daily basis, there are still times I catch myself trying to not “bother” Him. For some reason, I feel the need to try to be self-sufficient. I say for some reason, but I know the real reason. satan doesn’t want me to tap into the true source of strength and limitless power, the Holy Spirit. So he finds ways to try to trick me. Like thinking about how long I’ve been a Christian, and expecting myself to have figured it all out and get it down pat. Yet that is not how God designed us to work at all. How can we expect to function (or function well) outside of His design? Can you imagine creating something wonderful, and then watching someone misuse it and take it completely out of your design for it? Knowing you gave it a purpose, and had good intentions for it, only to see it trying to operate in a way you never intended. Yet that is what I am doing when I try to be independent of the Holy Spirit. God didn’t create me to run on autopilot and serve Him like a robot. He created me to seek Him in each and every place of my life. To listen for His voice in every situation. To be totally dependent upon His guidance.

Just think about this: If the very people who were actually alive when Jesus was…the ones who saw Him physically with their own eyes, who heard with their ears and could reach out and touch Jesus with their own hands…if God said they needed the power of the Holy Spirit, how much more do we! The guys that Jesus handpicked to follow Him couldn’t carry out His will without the power of the Holy Spirit. Why would we even consider trying without abiding in the Holy Spirit? But how often have I tried that? If you have found yourself in my shoes, renew a commitment to seek, submit to, and obey the Holy Spirit in your day-to-day life.

Please read John 16:4-15.