Phil Venrick

“My thoughts are not like your thoughts.
And your ways are not like my ways,”
announces the Lord.
“The heavens are higher than the earth.
And my ways are higher than your ways.
My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.”

Isaiah 55: 8-9

God is teaching me (over and over, cause I’m a slow learner) that He ALWAYS knows what’s best. Even when things happen that rock our world or don’t make sense, He is aware and in control. I love His wisdom. He does things in His own order. Many times, I would never choose the order or manner that He operates in, but every time I stand back in amazement of the perfection that He orchestrates (even in chaos and hard times). 

Understanding why things happen, like hurricanes, child abuse, miscarriages, divorces, sibling rivalries, and other tragedies in our lives, is far beyond what our hearts and brains can fathom. That’s why Isaiah 55:8-9 is so important to read and remember. I say it to myself when I don’t understand what is going on around me. It reminds me that God doesn’t think ANYTHING like we do. He knows all and he’s in control of all. That alone is reason to worship and praise Him. Finding our purpose in all of it can be hard. Following God’s commands is the pathway to that knowledge. It can be very difficult because it goes against what our human hearts, our brains, and even our culture lead us to believe. Scripture fills that gap. God’s Word takes us to an understanding that brings us peace. We don’t necessarily understand it, but we know the One who does.

Perhaps you are going through something, and it isn’t happening the way you planned or thought it should. Be encouraged that God works in His own perfect timing. He is not surprised by your circumstances, the violence in the world, the dysfunction in your family, or the turmoil in your heart. He is fully capable; His grace is sufficient and He is working for your good. Read his Word, talk to Him constantly, fill your mind with His wisdom and knowledge. He will give you peace that passes understanding. In my words, that simply means you’ll say, “I have no idea why I’m so calm in the midst of the craziness around me, but I feel God’s presence and I know He’s got this!” That’s God’s peace!