Natalie Widener

LORD my God, no one can compare with you.

You have done many wonderful things.

You have planned to do these things for us.

There are too many of them for me to talk about.

Psalm 40:5

We recently returned from a family vacation to the beach. We try to go once a year somewhere to get away from the everyday routine of our life. Everyone has their “place” they go to be recharged and enjoy some relaxation. The ocean is my place. The waves crashing along the shore, the sand on my feet, the ocean breeze…I can still feel it.

Standing on the shoreline, I feel so small in the beauty God created at the beach. I get so emotional there. It’s like my body gets so relaxed that I can finally breathe and the Holy Spirit can speak louder than the world. I get so wrapped up in my everyday life that sometimes I can’t hear God speaking to me as loudly and as clearly as I should. It takes more of an effort at home in setting aside that special time with God every morning. The beach has always been so healing for me and gives me that extra quiet time I need with God.

“I see you.”

Those were the beautiful, holy words I heard from God all that week at the beach. I get weepy just typing them because I really needed to hear those words! Over and over, He continued to bring it up. I read it in my morning devotionals, and a friend sent me that same phrase in a special gift. God wanted me to truly hear those words and let them sink in deep. When I hear specific things from God like that, I write in down. I document it. That way, I can come back to it when I forget, yet again, about how God really loves me.

Sometimes when we go through the tough stuff, we feel invisible. We can feel lonely, unimportant, and forgotten about. God could never forget us! We are His children! He doesn’t leave our side just because something horrible happened to us. He is right beside us fighting the battle with us! He is our helper and our strength. God sent me the gentle reminder that my soul needed to hear.

Whatever you are going through, invite God in. He is our helper and our strength. There is a purpose for any pain you may be grieving. Allow God to use you, and know you’re not alone! God sees you. He knows.

What do you need God’s help in today? What situation is making you feel lonely and forgotten? Ask God for His mighty strength today, and allow Him to do amazing things in your life!