Phil Krouse

Please read Psalm 23.

I’m by nature a sensitive person. Sometimes that can be a good thing. Other times, not so much. When you can sense and feel others burdens, it is easy to take them on yourself. It is not uncommon for me to hear about someone’s plight and just feel the weight of his or her situation on my heart. Even now, I can’t stop thinking about a friend who is hurting, and wishing I could just fix it. There are plenty of opportunities to see the pain and struggles of life on this earth.

Thinking about this tension takes me back to my childhood. For whatever reason, for as long as I can remember, life seemed hard. I can remember as a young child just longing for death. Because I was saved at an early age, I’ve never been afraid of dying. For those who have placed their trust in Jesus, death is just the passageway to eternal life. I couldn’t wait for that eternal life to start. I didn’t understand why I had to wait for heaven. As far as I’m concerned, heaven can’t get here fast enough. I long to be free from the attacks of the enemy. And that is why dwelling in the house of the Lord forever sounds so wonderful to me. I get emotional just thinking about being completely free. Nothing is more appealing to me than perfect freedom. I crave, I yearn, I long in the deepest way possible, to be completely healed and whole. Knowing He will make all things new…even me.

As I review the 23rd Psalm, I consider the perfection of the ending. My Shepherd understands life can take a toll on us. He reminds us that after everything…after the green pastures and still waters, after the valley of the shadow, after we experience the rod and staff, after being in the presence of our enemies, after anointing our head with oil…after it all, we will dwell in the house of the Lord FOREVER. This life is temporary, and so are its pains and trials. I need reminded of that. It is all but for a season. And if you and I can hold on, we WILL enter our rest.

You know the people I mentioned in the beginning? The ones whose troubles I try to put on my shoulders? I want to share the hope of eternity with them. I want to point them to the One who really can carry their burdens. I want to tell the hurting about a place where there is no pain. I want to share my hunger for heaven with them. Will you join me?

“Eternity is not the afterlife, it is THE LIFE.

We are now in pre-life and everyday

we are one step closer to TRUE LIVING.”

-Levi Lusko