Chris Reed

To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment.

Revelation 21:6

This passage appears at least three times in the Bible, once again in Revelation 22:17 and

Isaiah 55:1. It’s an amazing passage in scripture. In its words we find an invitation…an invitation by God, extended to His creatures. The offer is this: come to Me and find in Me all that you need. Broken and weary? Find in Me healing and rest. Addicted and out of control? Find in Me forgiveness and freedom. Self-righteous and prideful? Find in Me grace and humility. God says wherever you find yourself, the offer remains the same…come to Me, and I will be for you exactly what you need.

This is a precious offer and prize of great price. To find a well that quenches our every thirst would be a target of every nation and every person. Men sailed oceans with thoughts of never returning alive, all for the sake of finding the legendary Fountain of Youth. Yet here it is offered freely. And it is no legend…it is no improbable find. The Creator of the universe speaks and says…come to me! Come to me, and I will fill the lack your heart feels every day.

So no matter where we find ourselves today, the offer still stands for us. Come to Christ…He will give us living water, He will give it to us freely, and in Him we will find all that we need.