Tiffany Fulk

In the same way, let your light shine so others can see it. Then they will see the good things you do. And they will bring glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16 (NIrV)

I went grocery shopping with my toddler a couple weeks ago and put him in one of the big firetruck carts. This cart is huge to push around. I took a corner too tightly and a display of lunchable desserts was right there. I ran into it and knocked the whole display over. So frustrating! I started to pick up the display, and this lady stopped and helped me. Then another lady came over and started to help me also. The last lady who helped me pick up the display said this same scenario happened to her and no one stopped to help her. So she stopped to help me. That made my day.

It made me stop and think. How many times do I put my blinders on in the grocery and not realize someone needs help or just a smile? I am not condemning anyone for running into the grocery, I totally get it and do it all the time. I just was challenged by God. What if I slow down and see people when I walk into the grocery? What if when I am standing in a long line to check out, I just take a deep breath? What if I thank the cashier for ringing me up? What if I smile at the person who looks like they are having a horrible day? What if…? Do you think that would change their day? I have to tell you, those two ladies stopping to help me pick up that display made my day!

This world is full of such busyness and sadness, and not a whole lot of Jesus. What if you brought some Jesus into their life just caring about them? That’s what I want to be…a light for people. Am I still going to have those days when I walk into grocery and put my head down? Absolutely. I might be that person who you need to smile at because I had a bad morning. God is so amazing and full of so much grace and will just lay those moments out for you.

This week, ask God to be a light for a person, and if you are having bad day, ask God to have someone be a light for you. Praying for you today!