Mary Johnson

Being fully present in our current culture can be a challenge. Just to prove this point, I’ll share with you that it was necessary to make it a rule in our house that you can only use one device at a time. You can’t be playing a video game on an IPod while watching TV. You must choose one or the other. Sounds ridiculous that we would even need to make a rule like that, but we did! I felt like I was telling the kids, “You must be fully present with whatever media device you are using!” Unfortunately, I’m just as guilty as our kids when it comes to being fully present. I will catch myself looking up things online while they are trying to have a conversation with me. Or I’m folding laundry while helping them with their homework. We live in a culture that bombards us with information and options, and also tells us that we should be multi-tasking or we are wasting time. Because we know this about our lives, it’s hard to remember that the words “ever present” in this verse are true:

Psalm 46: 1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.”

The verse doesn’t say that God is “kind of present” or “sometimes present.” It says that He is “ever present.” He is always and fully our refuge and our strength. What a comfort this truth is.

Psalm 46 came to my mind earlier this week as I was worshiping. I was thinking about some of the different things that I have been facing in life. A few issues that I’m facing seem to keep lingering. They don’t seem to be going away and they aren’t very fun to deal with. As I was thinking about these issues, I was just talking to God about them and once again releasing them to Him. I feel like God reminded me of the verse above and told me that as much as the issues I face seem to be ever present, His refuge and strength are even more evident and ever present.  As much as it feels like my problems aren’t going away, the truth is His help isn’t going away. We serve a God who is fully engaged with what we are facing in life. I’m thankful and humbled by that truth.

Each of us are facing unique situations this week. Even though our situations may vary, the source of true help is the same. Take comfort in knowing that the God who created you and knows you best is the One who is ever and fully present in each situation you are going through.  He desires to be your refuge and source of strength. Let’s allow God to fill that role for us and to guide us through life.