Natalie Widener

With the start of the New Year, most people come up with resolutions for the year. They usually involve ways to better themselves in the coming New Year. As important as it is to look for something in yourself that you’d like to see changed, we as Christ followers should go to God and ask Him what He wants us to change. Not only will this make God’s heart glad that we came to Him first, but it will also give us an answer on where we should start with change.

Instead of making a resolution that I most likely will break, I always take time at the beginning of the year to ask God to give me a word for the year. Give me something to strive for. I felt pretty convicted when God gave me the word REST. I had to laugh. But deep in my spirit I knew this needed changing. I’ve been running at breakneck speed for a while now. Running a home and getting multiple children where they need to be, along with my other responsibilities, is not an easy task. By the end of the day I am worn, frazzled, and feeling like a failure, all because I am trying to do too many things.

LORD, you will give perfect peace to those who commit themselves to be faithful to you. That’s because they trust in you.

Isaiah 26:3

Peace. Rest. Those are definitely words that I want to describe my life. I am sure you do, too! I am in the process of making those things more likely to happen. Obviously I can’t control life, but I can control some things. For instance, I can say no to things, even though they may be good things. I can say no to things that will make my schedule busier than it already is. I can ask for help with the kids. Sometimes we need to ask for help from others to fit in the rest we need for ourselves.

Not only am I striving for physical rest, but God also made it clear I need to rest in Him more. I’ve been struggling lately, wrestling with unanswered questions that only God knows! I am asking God to help me set those aside so I can get some of the spiritual rest He wants for me. He knows how that will make me a better version of myself. He knows, because He desires that for us. God designed us for rest in Him.

Seek the LORD and the strength he gives. Always seek him.

Psalm 105:4

So I am trying. I am seeking God. I need His help and strength every minute of the day. If you can relate and are seeking rest, ask God to help you. Ask Him to show you the areas of your life where you need rest. It may be many areas of your life, but our God is bigger than anything. Remember He is in control and desires to have a relationship with us. Seek Him, and all will fall into place.